OneH2024 - 12-14 June 2024 - Saint-Brieuc (France)
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The One Health Challenges to tackle infectious diseases

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Institut Pasteur

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Ceva Santé Animale (Ceva) is the 5th global animal health company, led by experienced veterinarians, whose mission is to provide innovative health solutions for all animals to ensure the highest level of care and well-being. Our portfolio includes preventive medicine such as vaccines, pharmaceutical and animal welfare products for farm and companion animals, as well as equipment and services to provide the best experience for our customers. 

With 6,500 employees located in 47 countries, Ceva strives daily to bring to life its vision as a OneHealth company: “Together, beyond animal health”.


Innovative Diagnostics develops, manufactures and markets ELISA and PCR diagnostic tests for the detection of infectious diseases in humans and animals. The veterinary product line, marketed under the brand name IDvet, offers a comprehensive range of tests to monitor animal health.

Our ELISAs are high-quality tests which are extensively validated, meet international standards and show innovation and improved test performance.We also offer a complete range of products for molecular testing, including extraction and amplification reagents. Our technical experts are available to assist clients with test implementation, accreditation, and result interpretation.

Our diagnostic tests are used by public and private laboratories worldwide to:

  • detect emerging and zoonotic diseases which pose new threats to animals and humans;
  • control veterinary diseases as part of eradication programs and when animals are moved;
  • verify the effectiveness of vaccination campaigns.

In this way, we contribute to protecting human and animal health and securing the global food supply. This is how we act towards the “One Health” concept, which presents human health, animal health and the environment as inter-dependent. 



French biotechnologies company, Biosellal is specialized in the development, production, and commercialization of complete solutions for the diagnosis of infectious diseases in animal, human, and environmental health, through the implementation of real-time PCR and ELISA techniques.

We are committed to advancing the One Health concept: its primary objective is to prevent and control infectious diseases holistically, acknowledging the interconnections between human, animal, and environmental health. Within this context, our mission is centred on providing our customers with scientific expertise that enriches the development and efficiency of their laboratories



ACT food Bretagne is the Alliance of Breton technical centers in the agri-agro-aquaculture sectors: ADRIA, CEVA, IDmer, INNOZH and VEGENOV. The mission of this alliance is to share a common strategic vision through innovation in order to better meet the needs of businesses and the market and the expectations of society. To accomplish this mission, the centers coordinate their actions and pool their skills for better organization of innovation, in order to create more added value. The centers offer tailor-made services in R&D, technological monitoring, advice and training in the fields of: variety creation, plant nutrition, animal health, molecular marking, bioactive extracts, biotechnologies, food processes, food safety and formulation, aquaculture production, algae, environment and biodiversity. 



AFI Centrifuge, the only French manufacturer based in Château-Gontier, France, design and manufacture innovative centrifuges since 2009.

AFI centrifuges answer to the needs and requirements of medical analysis laboratories, hospitals, research and veterinary laboratories.

Offering a wide range of rotors and accessories, AFI provides all the solutions for the separation and preparation of samples, whether from blood samples in basic biological research, medical, pharmaceutical or cell cultures.

Available in ventilated, refrigerated and heated versions, AFI centrifuges are designed for use with all types of tubes, vials, bottles and microplates available on the market.

AFI's range of centrifuges covers the clinical, industrial, research and blood bank segments.


The Graduate of One Health Emerging Infectious Diseases (1H-EID) offers a multidisciplinary educational program of excellence, based on research. The aim is to create a community of scientists and healthcare professionals, but also decision-makers sharing the same vocabulary, networks and comprehension of health, societal and economic challenges that the emerging infectious diseases represent. The 1H-EID Graduate School spans across the Faculties of Health, Sciences, and Societies and Humanities of Université Paris Cité and is officially partnered with Institut Pasteur, the National Veterinary School of Alfort (EnvA) and Sorbonne University.



A generational shift in priorities and visions appears post-Covid19 : the EID@Lyon Graduate School embodies this shift by offering students from Masters to PhD level a diploma course of excellence based on a transdisciplinary learning-by-doing methodology. EID@Lyon integrates different generations and disciplines (social and human sciences, human and veterinary medicine, natural sciences, engineering) to help students develop innovative responses to the challenges posed by emerging infectious diseases. EID@Lyon also includes the One Health Institute, which is dedicated to lifelong training for public and private decision-makers in CBRN risk management. EID@Lyon builds a transgenerational and trans-sectoral network of actors (students, researchers, experts) who can be mobilized in the event of a health crisis, and is officially partnered with the Universities of Lyon 1 and 2, Jean Monnet University, VetAgroSup, ENS Lyon, INSA Lyon, the HCL, AgroParisTech, EHESP School of Public Health, INSERM, INRAE, ANSES and BioAster. 

The Med-Vet-Net Association (MVNA) soon to be newly called the European One Health Association (EOHA) is an integrated European network of public and academic institutions with national reference functions in the medical/public health and food/veterinary domains. The Association also reaches out to organisations with an environmental focus to be developed in the coming years, to cover the main dimensions of the One Health approach. The MVNA/EOHA aims at fostering One Health research on zoonotic infectious diseases and AMR and pursuing integration of expertise and harmonization of methodologies to reinforce the joint EU capacity to prevent, detect and control zoonoses and AMR. The MVNA/EOHA currently comprises 31 scientific member institutions from 18 European countries, including public health, veterinary and food institutes.


Fort de ses 500 administrateurs et 1 300 collaborateurs, le Crédit Agricole des Côtes d’Armor a à cœur de soutenir toutes celles et ceux qui s’engagent pour demain en mobilisant les investissements nécessaires aux transitions.

Cela se traduit notamment par le financement des énergies renouvelables, la rénovation énergétique des habitats, l’accès aux mobilités douces ou encore le conseil en responsabilité sociétale d’entreprise.

La Caisse continue d’évoluer pour répondre aux attentes de la société et sa trajectoire vise une finance plus durable et une démarche d’exemplarité de réduction de son empreinte carbone.

Ces ambitions imposent de la détermination et de l’humilité face aux immenses défis qui façonnent notre avenir et celui des générations futures.



The Crédit Mutuel Arkéa cooperative group comprises the federations of Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne, Crédit Mutuel du Sud-Ouest and their member local banks, as well as some forty specialised subsidiaries (Fortuneo, Monext, Arkéa Banque Entreprises et Institutionnels, etc.). It has more than 11,400 employees, 2,600 directors, over 5.1 million members and customers in banking and insurance and a total assets of €191.6 billion. The first banking group to adopt a Raison d'être (Purpose) in 2019, Crédit Mutuel Arkéa became a purpose-driven company in 2022. It is committed to providing finance that serves local and regional communities and their stakeholders, positioning itself as an agile and innovative financial partner for the transitions.


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