OneH2024 - 12-14 June 2024 - Saint-Brieuc (France)
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The One Health Challenges to tackle infectious diseases

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Institut Pasteur

One H 2024

Credit : Parc des expositions et congrès de St Brieuc 

  The international symposium, organized by ANSES, LABOCEA, INNOZH and SAINT-BRIEUC EXPO CONGRES, will allow scientists and professionals from universities, research institutes, public agencies, the private sectors and governments to meet and discuss about science covering the main One Health challenges to be faced in order to tackle infectious diseases. This international symposium will be a unique occasion to bring together animal and human health actors and have a global reflection on the transmission of infectious diseases from animals to humans. 

These diseases not only have an impact on public health but can also have a direct impact on food safety. Considering the following fields of application: farm animals including farmed fishes, wildlife and the environment, five main thematic areas will be deeply explored during the 2.5 day-symposium. Answers to the following questions will be particularly considered:

  • What are the One Health effects of various changes? How climate, biodiversity and habitat destruction changes impact infectious diseases - vector-borne diseases - foodborne diseases incidence and distribution?
  • What are the new tools necessary/already available to meet One Health challenges? Examples of new approaches in data collection – management - analysis will be provided in the perspective of meeting One Health challenges.
  • Do we have perfect One health solutions examples? Successful One Health stories will be presented in the field of infectious diseases - vector-borne diseases - foodborne diseases and focusing on concrete situations to move forward from concepts to practical solutions.
  • How can we enhance integrated surveillance? Presentations will focus on how to better integrate our surveillance systems between animal health, human health and environmental sectors.
  • What are the challenges in terms of transdisciplinary communication and coordination for risk management? Supported by the expertise of social science, answers will be provided as regard the removal of obstacles to the implementation of the One Health concept.

Thirty-three oral presentations gathered in six different sessions will tackle those different issues. Invited renowned speakers will present lectures on (i) the impact of biodiversity, habitat and climate change on emerging diseases, (ii) how to strengthen collaboration between Human, animal and environmental health, (iii) the One helath Challenges of Avian influenza and (iv) which tools for which One Health challenges.

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